VivusClub is a fresh take on social media

It's an environment designed for all of us over 40 to share our passions, learn new skills, broaden our horizons and find informed support for personal and professional challenges.


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A WHOLE NEW WORLD OF CONNECTIONS, IDEAS AND OPPORTUNITIES is a web-meeting-club that will keep you linked to relevant local and global thinking.

You get supportive social interactions to validate your continuing personal and professional development.

* Membership is by invitation only after interview.



You share a calendar with other members.

1-hour meetings occur 3 days every week.

Meetings occur in our online clubrooms.

Image shows typical clubroom meeting.


Men and Women, with the resources to enjoy updating their life-skills, in order to become leaders in raising the status of ageing and being older.


Vivus Club aims to provide you with practical, moral and emotional support to cope with welcome and unwelcome life changes, and to demonstrate the more stylish and fun aspects of growing older.


Complete the online form.
Get a face to face interview.
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Great idea, most social websites seem to be aimed at younger people.
This site is aimed at people like me, getting older but not being old, at least in my mind. The club also knows that being old does not mean being scared of technology and incapable of using a website.

I can also meet people with different life-experiences that, helps me keep an open and active mind.


Business Owner

This Is A Longevity Revolution
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Not only does the Vivus club focus on the more mature it aims to help generate social interaction using easy to engage with online technology. This enables members to interact with each other when and from where it is most convenient for them to do so. It really is an excellent approach to helping the not necessarily so young to stay in touch and learn from each other and to co-create new knowledge, ideas and approaches to living and contributing to the full.


Associate Director, Digital Engagement

This Is A Longevity Revolution
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So, finally we have an online meeting place, Vivus Club, where like-minded people from all walks of life, can engage and exchange their life's experiences, good or bad, and learn from each other. Physically, our bodies might slow us down, but our minds are so powerful and able to make a huge difference to our outlook on life!

Easy to use technology, at your finger tips. No matter where you are. I cannot wait to engage!


Fine Arts Graduate and London Guest House Owner

This Is A Longevity Revolution
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* Membership is by invitation only after interview.


Know someone who may enjoy membership? Then drop them a recommendation using the button below and we will email it to them. There is no upper age limit for joining Everyone is welcome.

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